I am the wife of one and the mother of two. My husband is my best friend. My spitfire of a daughter is 4 and my gentle baby boy is 6 months. Our family is also comprised of our Weimaraner, Jewel, and our Tabby, Merlin. My husband and I recently had to say goodbye to our first baby of nearly 15 years. We brought Andre home from the animal shelter when we had only been together for 6 months and he quickly became one of the main fixtures in our lives.

My maiden name is Nutt…and you could not possibly come up with a name or joke that I have not already heard. You can probably even guess where “deez” originated from.  I graduated from the University of Florida with an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and have been working with children on their speech and language development privately and in schools for the last 12 years with a focus in reading.

There are so many things that I am passionate about, food being one. I google recipes like it’s my job and then end up having to make my own mash up anyway. I love making dishes and dishing about things. I do not love measuring ingredients, but am putting my disdain aside to share my kitchen with you (just remember that nothing needs to be exact). So, who knows? This is just the beginning!


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