the start of something new

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I love cooking, do it daily, and do it well. My goal is to provide you with interesting dishes that are feasible to make. You can never have too many cooking ideas or recipes. Food is everything. It’s how we nourish our bodies and fuel our lives. It’s our comfort. The center of every family get together, every special occasion, every event, almost every part of every day. If you’re going out of your house, buying or bringing some sort of foodstuff will most certainly be included in the happenings.

As a mother of two littles, I don’t want to be pumping them full of dyes and processed foods. I have meticulously started reading labels and have noticed that dyes and ridiculously unnecessary things are in almost everything we buy off of the shelf…or you end up paying through the nose for so-called healthy options. I just want to make eats that have fresh ingredients and you feel good about putting in your body. I am always on a journey to discover new things and I myself have battled with weight my entire life. I am learning to stop focusing on and stressing out about the scale and to just love myself and the things I put in my body.

I am hoping to offer a variety of recipes to excite you and make you want to get in the kitchen. Feel so free to take out any ingredients you don’t like and substitute it with something you prefer. Experiment, buy produce you’ve never eaten, and love what you dish out. Everything is a learning experience, and though I’m not new to cooking, I am to the world of blogging. I promise I’ll figure out how to develop my site more, just hang with me in the meantime and hopefully you will enjoy the ride and bring something delicious to your table.


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